AMW's Marketing Services

  1. Business Analysis
    • Understanding your customers, what they want and how they search.
  2. Competitive Analysis
    • Every listing between your Website listing and the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) is your online competitor.
    • Understanding why they are ahead of your listing is critical to passing them on your way to the top.
  3. Website Design
    • Unique presentation and a professional look makes you stand out from the crowd.
    • Template websites are inexpensive and ineffective. Unique web content has value.
    • Page load time is an important factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and our webs are fast. Site Architecture - the relationship of one web page to another, how they are linked to each other, and how they are organized in the website is an important factor in SEO.
    • Information Architecture - web page design, navigation, web copy and information presentation have a strong influence on visitor engagement.
  4. Web Hosting and Maintenance
    • Website operational support, backup and restore, email support, and code maintenance are inclusive.
    • Content maintenance of client copy updates.
    • Domain Email accounts for professional looking communications. Outlook / Entourage setup support.
    • Site Performance Reporting.
  5. Active Internet Marketing Services
    • SEO - Search Engine Optimization is that art of ranking well in the search engines for natural listing results that do not incur fees for their position or when visitors click to your web site. We have accomplished SEO with outstanding long-term results. Our clients have consistently ranked well in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
    • Reputation Management - strategic management to help avoid problems before they happen and repair when it happens.
    • Pay Per Click (PPC) - Management of PPC accounts is inclusive. We have achieved top placements at a fraction of the cost of competitors. Not every business can be found on page #1 of the popular search engines using SEO. PPC is an auction-like bidding process for paid link inclusion on the search engines for select key words. We manage PPC in a totally transparent arrangement without the conflict of incentives, commissions, or kickbacks.
    • Social Marketing - Social media platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, Google Groups, Blogs and other networks. We strategically use select networks based on ROI. The nature of a social media network is sharing information of interest. This can work very well for companies who have and can develope a following.
    • Network Marketing - includes paid and other lesser known marketing strategies that present your product and or services to people who have expressed an interest in the subject area.
  6. Optional Services
    • Flash Animation
    • Video Editing and Production
    • Blog Development
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